Rosie is not my friend…

I know… this sounds horrible.  And who is Rosie?  She is our Elf onthe Shelf.  I tried to hold out… I tried to convince my girls that not every family has an elf and that’s ok… I tried to reroute at any store that would have a display.  Last year, I succumbed to 2 cute little girls saying “Please Mommy… we’ll take good care of her.”  How does a mom resist that when it’s such a simple request?  So, our Elf, aka Rosie, was adopted from Target and came home.  We made it through last year with only a few nights of Rosie forgetting to move despite the fact I set my phone alarm to remind me every night!

Fast forward to this year… Rosie made her appearance Thanksgiving weekend.  I had aspirations of her arrival coinciding with a special breakfast.  Then I considered a huge display to make her arrival noticeable.  At 11:00pm on the night of her arrival, I finally decided that a special note would have to suffice.

A note from our elf

A note from our elf

In order to make this note, I opened Microsoft Publisher, found a cute graphic of a girl elf online, and added a title “From the North Pole”.  And with that, Rosie’s personal stationary was created.  In order to make it look more personal, I used a free font I came across on Pinterest called “handwriting”… it fit the bill perfectly.  As a side note, the stationary has come in very useful when further questions have been written on some nights before the littles go off to bed.

Elf is back

Welcome back Rosie

Rosie was ready to make her appearance.  So, she picked a place in the decorative tree in our family room and waited for her family to wake-up.  To my surprise, it was almost noon before my oldest finally spotted her and started screaming “Rosie’s back!  Rosie, Rosie, Rosie!  Rosie’s back!”  I still dislike the Elf on the Shelf… but in that moment, I realized how this magical little elf can make the holidays a little extra special and give 2 little girls something to look forward to every morning when they wake-up!

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