I think I am…

It’s Christmas… a time of happiness, a time of celebration, a time to gather with family and friends.  This year I believe 20 little angels have made me even more aware of how important times like this are and how quickly they can change.  I have no intention of ignoring the 7 adults who also died.  Most of them were protecting the children… children who aren’t their family by the traditional definition… but children they grow to love as much as the parents who entrust them with their babies everyday.  However, my focus is on the kids… the innocent bright eyed kids, who arrive at school everyday ready to learn and play with friends.  These kids had just started their day.  They were going through a routine repeated all over the nation.  They were interacting with their peers and participating in their classes and activities.  20 children were probably in the middle of a subject like reading or math when the epitome of evil walked through the door of their classroom and forever changed the lives of anyone who knew or loved those kids… and anyone who has kids of their own.


This hits even closer to home because I have a 1st grader who’s class also has 20 kids.  It horrifies me to think that I could have been one of those mother’s grieving the loss of her child.  As I prepare for the Winter Holiday Party, I cry putting together 20 goodie bags as I think of the mom who had done the same thing in Newtown, CT and now is grieving the loss of her child and their 19 friends.  But, here’s why these 20 little angels have made a difference… I treasure every moment with my girls even more.  Don’t get me wrong… I loved them more than words can express before the tragedy… but suddenly my hugs got tighter and more frequent… bedtime ended with multiple kisses rather than just one… and my patience has grown just a little bit more.

Just having fun

Am I a better Mom now than I was 3 days ago… I think I am.

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