The best Valetines come from the heart

I’m not sure why I feel the need to encourage my kids to make homemade valentines for their respective classes, but that falls under the “craziness” category of my blog.  I am one step ahead of last year, since I have started them 4 days early rather than the night before!  Small victories… 🙂

As usual, I have gotten my inspiration from pinterest.  My oldest is limited by the “no food/no candy” rule for anything she brings to school (outside of her lunch).  Do you know how many cute ideas exist involving candy hearts, chocolate kisses, etc???  A lot… and all of them made me want to go have a candy bar.  I finally stumbled across a great blog with valentine ideas that don’t involve candy… woo hoo… jackpot!!  Feel free to check it out… she has some great ideas I didn’t use!  pluckymomo “12 No Candy Valentines”

My oldest picked the crazy straw valentine for her classmates.  I was able to pick up for $6 (12 for $3) at Target.  I designed the card portion on Microsoft Publisher and used a combination of fonts with her suggestion of her favorites.  After a little trial and error, we finally got the size right, so they would fit on the straws.  I printed them on white cardstock and cut them apart for her.  She used a mini hole punch for the holes and got busy writing the names on each card.  Tada!!!  Everyone was happy with the finished product!

Crazy Straw Valentines

Crazy Straw Valentines

Here is a printable pdf version.  Since I had her hand write all the names, it’s easy to personalize for your needs!

Straw Valentine Template


Crazy Straw Valentine Close-up

Next I turned my sights to the youngest one’s valentines, she picked the glowstick version from the same blog (it originally came from  Luckily, she only needs to bring 9 for school, so I was able to score 15 glowsticks for $1 in the dollar section at Target.  It is requested they not write friends’ names on them to make distribution relatively quick.  So, these were also able to be fairly standard with just her signature added (I try to have her practice writing wherever it is practical)!  She was so proud when they were complete, and we only burned through a few extra while practicing her signature a little smaller than she’s used to!

Glow stick valentines

Glow stick valentines

Here is a printable pdf version.  These are generic as well, so you can just add your child’s name!

Glow stick valentine printable

Glow stick valentine

Glow stick valentine close-up

Woo hoo!!  One thing finished for Valentine’s Day!  Now I need to wrap up the class party prep for the oldest one and of course all the festivities and gifts for my own Valentines!!!! 🙂

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