A quick bite about Girl Scout cookies

I am all about my girls learning to say thank you… I feel it’s a lost skill (and something even I occasionally  forget to do after someone’s generous gift or action).  I have them make their own thank you notes whenever possible.  Or, I have them send a quick “thank you” video via text or email.  This leads to my quick post about girl scout cookies!!  My oldest set her cookie goal based on which prize she wanted and worked hard to reach it.  However, I want her to learn that people don’t have to buy from her… they choose to buy from her… and she needs to appreciate that!  So, a thank you note with each cookie delivery is a must!!

With her input, we put this quick little note together in Publisher.  I designed them so two would fit on a sheet of paper and be easy to cut!  I would include a printable, but since they are customized with her picture and cookie goal… I didn’t think anyone else would benefit from an actual printable… just wanted to provide the idea! 🙂

Customized cookie thank you

Customized cookie thank you

Hmmm… after looking at all these boxes as I type this, I might just have to open one up and treat myself to my favorite cookie!

2 thoughts on “A quick bite about Girl Scout cookies

  1. Love this idea….and why weren’t we asked to buy cookies!?! Perhaps you really are a great Bestie and knew my hour at the gym would be totally negated in 3 seconds given the presence of thin mints:) In that case, “Thank You”!

    • Yes… that was it! 😉 Sorry… posted on FB and sent an email to family. Completely forgot to follow-up with anyone oustide the neighborhood! But, now look at the extra time I’ve saved you at the gym!! 🙂

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