Valentine’s Day… 1st grade style

Crazy me signed up to co-room parent Pumpkin’s 1st grade class.  Somedays I am a glutton for punishment!  The other room parent is awesome and always willing to help, but she is crazier than me and signed up to room parent 2 different classrooms.  Needless to say, I was in charge of putting together the class valentine’s day party.  And not to add any pressure, Pumpkin’s teacher told me that the kids seem to look forward to this party most of all!  Awesome… I guess slacking wasn’t an option now… 😉

I turned to my 2 favorite places for ideas… Target and Pinterest!  At Target I found Valentine placements in the $1 section (4 per pack).  The winter/holiday version was a hit for the Holiday party, so I stuck with something I knew they loved.

Valetine placements

Then I headed to the Valentine’s section and found a cute little foam card craft project!

Making cards

Making cards

Whew… 2 activities down!!  I then looked through Pinterest and found 2 ideas that stood out!  The first was a game called Cupid’s Arrow.  The basic idea is to shoot Q-tips through straws into heart bowls.  The kids had a blast and there were Q-tips EVERYWHERE!  You can view my inspiration at darcidowdle.

Cupid's Arrow game

Cupid’s Arrow game

Finally was the last game, which they did as an entire class.  I got them warmed up with a little Hokey Pokey, and then we started Musical Hearts found at “No time for flashcards”.  I had some technical difficulties when prepping this game.  I used Publisher to create the hearts and actions on each heart.  I planned to use construction paper, but it would not fit into my printer.  So, I used white cardstock and just made the text colored.  Not my ideal solution… but it was a game time decision!! 🙂  I’m glad I saved this game for last, because they got wound up playing it!!  Basically, it’s like musical chairs… but when the music stopped and they landed on a heart, they would do whatever the heart said… act like a dog, pretend to throw a football, give your neighbor high five, etc.  It was a crazy and so fun to watch!!

Musical Hearts

Musical Hearts

Everyone seemed to have a great time and left very happy… not to mention they were excited for their fun little goodie bags (super cheap and easy to throw together… thanks again to the $1 section and party favors from Target)!!

Valentine's Goodie Bag

Valentine’s Goodie Bag

The loot

The loot

Last party of the school year is in the books.  Woo hoo!! 🙂

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