The biggest day for love is complete

I’m finally getting a free moment to sit down and put our Valentine’s Day recap together.  It’s been a busy few days since then sprucing up the family room… more about that on another day!

I started off the morning with heart pancakes for my valentines.  I will admit it… I am not a pancakes in the morning kind of mom, so this was a fun surprise for Pumpkin when she came downstairs!  I think they turned out great!

Heart pancakes

Heart pancakes

And my youngest, Curly, really loved them too!

Happy little girl

Happy little girl

Before I sent Pumpkin off to school, I packed a special Valentine’s inspired lunch… in an effort of full disclosure, I’m not a big themed lunch mom either!  I cut her sandwich into a heart, added a homemade strawberry oreo cookie from six sister’s stuff, and wrote her a special note.

Vday lunch

Valentine’s lunch

I then turned my focus to the valentine related activities for the day… Pumpkin’s class party & dinner.  You can read about the party here.  I ran to Whole Foods for the main course portion of dinner… grilled salmon for the adults and mac ‘n cheese croquettes for the kids with a side of veggies and rolls.  YUM!

Valentine's dinner

Valentine’s dinner

Now… my favorite part of the meal… dessert!!!!  I have a love/hate relationship with desserts.  I love to make them and eat them… I hate the fact they are not free of calories, carbs, or fat!  So, occasionally I try to find one that is somewhat healthy for me… if that’s possible!  I came across a recipe for greek yogurt souffle from Jules Food.  Other than attempting to beat the egg whites by hand, it was really easy to put together!

Greek Yogurt Souffle

Greek Yogurt Souffle

It really had a light, airy, cheesecakey texture.  We added some blueberries and a little blueberry syrup for extra sweetness.  Curly decided to decorate hers a little more and added a smiley face with blueberries.  Leave it to kids to take a nice dessert and make it kid friendly! 🙂

Souffle blueberry face

Souffle blueberry face

It was a great day had by all!  I love doing all the little extra things to make my valentines special!!!

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