Good Morning breakfast tray

We had a busy weekend filled with normal activities… soccer, birthday party, and even a little sledding!  This past weekend had one more notable activity… the hubby’s Dad and Stepmom came to visit for the 1st time in almost 4 years.  His job took him overseas for a couple years and getting back was difficult.  So, now they are back stateside and wanted to visit the grandkids (and I guess us too)!  Everyone had fun catching up.

From experience, I know our visitors are early birds… hubby and I definitely are not!  Even though our guests would be up before us (and possibly before the sun as well), I wanted them to be able to have their morning coffee and a little to eat before we stumbled out of bed.  As a guest, there is nothing worse than rummaging through cabinets in someone else’s kitchen trying to find everything!  To alleviate this issue, I set up a little coffee/muffin tray for their convenience.

Help yourself to some coffee

Help yourself to some coffee

The tray contained mugs, instant Starbucks coffee, sugar, spoons, and a note directing them to the creamer in the refrigerator.  It also contained muffins I discovered a couple weeks ago when looking for a quick and healthy recipe.  They are blueberry-banana muffins and have all sorts of healthy ingredients like wheat flour, rolled oats, flaxseed, blueberries and bananas!  Of course I found it via Pinterest on “Lady Behind the Curtain”… check out the recipe here!

Self serve "good morning" tray

Self serve “good morning” tray

The muffins were a huge hit as was the tray!  Getting an extra hour sleep was nice while my in-laws were able to play with the kids and we snoozed a bit later!  I highly suggest trying this the next time early bird guests are in town!!!

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