Starbucks Puppuccino… who knew?!?

I’ve been going to Starbucks for years… some would consider me a Starbucks snob.  One afternoon I was going through the drive-thru with our new puppy and the barista saw him.  You can imagine my surprise when she asked if he would like a Puppuccino.

Me:  A what??

Barista:  A Puppuccino!

Me:  I’m pretty sure my puppy doesn’t need any caffeine…

Barista (after laughing):  It’s just a cup filled with whipped cream…

Me:  Oh, who knew?!?  Yes, I’m sure he would love that… thank you!

With that, she disappeared and handed over a little cup filled with whipped cream.  As soon as I let him get one sniff of the cup, he was a happy pup and devoured it!

One happy puppy

One happy puppy

Try it the next time your doggie accompanies you for your Starbucks fix… they will love it!  As a side note… now every time he hears the sound of a whipped cream canister, he comes running.  I may have created a monster… ha,ha!

11 thoughts on “Starbucks Puppuccino… who knew?!?

  1. Umm… Dairy is really REALLY bad for dogs… Last time I checked… Whipped Cream was a dairy product!!! Don’t make a habit of giving them to your dog

    • Thanks for your comment. I have read that some dogs have problems with dairy. Luckily, our big boy does not have any adverse reactions. I think it’s ok in moderation… 🙂

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  7. I did that years ago. My chow went everywhere with me and he knew when we were at a drive thru. First time I went to SB and went to his window I thought oh no, what do I do? I asked them for a lid with whipped cream. He loved it!

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