It was a steal… Park Lane style!

Park Lane collage

I have to brag (and I don’t do that very often)!  A couple weeks ago, I hosted a Park Lane jewelry party for a new neighbor (and friend) who was trying to get some sanity and normalcy after the craziness of a move to the area.  I hadn’t hosted a home party for a couple years and figured I was due.  Plus, she assured me I would be earning lots of great hostess credits!  Sold.

Well… today, the loot (I mean jewelry) arrived!  It was ridiculous how much was there!  I believe when we calculated the total before any discounts and hostess credits, it was approximately $1800 retail value!  I assure you… I paid only approximately 15% of that value (meaning I got everything for more than 85% off)!  Woo hoo… I LOVE a good deal!  Curly got in on the action by helping “hold” some of the necklaces… 🙂

My hostess spoils :)

My hostess spoils 🙂

She introduced me to the term “arm party”.  I’m not quite sure if she meant this many bracelets, but I had to put them all on just for the fun of it!

Now this is an arm party!

Now this is an arm party!

I have so many new pieces I’m not sure which ones to wear first!!

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